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With almost four decades of history since the company was founded, the long established coffee brand already had a strong identity of its own internationally.  The store being the first and only in Hawaii since the last one that closed in the 90s, a new and recreated style was expected.   The corporate image was kept to the minimum, and the evolved design conceived a modern-industrial American aesthetic to suit the new generation of consumers.  The design intention was to create a unique hole-in-the-wall experience within the busy mall.  The concept was achieved through consistent, yet different types of material, furniture, and lighting fixtures that utilized raw industrial materials such as metal, wood, leather, and concrete. 


The café entrance hosts the main retail space, bringing in people towards the aromatic barista aisle where coffees are brewed.  The retail area was intentionally lighter on color scheme than the seating area to spatially segregate the spaces without creating a barrier.  The storefront window display was designed with versatility, using only rebar and wood shelves to configure a grand shelving system which also acted as a screen.  The rebar stretched from floor to ceiling and preserved its integrity by keeping its pure form; rebar were only welded and not bent or re-formed.  A lounge area was located in the rear of the space to offer guests a den like atmosphere to enjoy their coffee in peace from the bustling mall. Mid-century style was mixed with modern touches to create a comfortable and timeless ambience for the lounge area. 


Non-structural steel columns and beams were added to the interior and façade to emphasize the industrial characteristic and spatial quality. The height of the beam also brought down the eye level of the customers to not look beyond past above it.  Feature pendant lights were brought below the beam height with cables and chains hanging as part of the interior design.  Suspended metal grates also created shadow effects on the brick walls for visual movement.  


1450 Ala Moana Blvd., Honolulu HI 96814

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