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Brief description of services:

WXW is a full service design office specializing in...

​Architectural design and supervision

  • New building / renovation / tenant improvement

  • Commercial / hospitality / residential


Interior design / space planning / furniture layout


  • Material and finish selection

  • Lighting Design

  • Furniture selection and layout

Graphic design

  • Wayfinding design

  • Logo design

  • Signage

  • Environmental graphics


*** for any requests or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our office by phone or email.


T: 808-566-0001



1) Project Initiation

For new projects WXW will set-up an initial consultation meeting to gather more information about your project.  The initial consultation is free of charge (if long distance travel is required, travel fees may be incurred).


Below are examples of some of the questions WXW will ask:


  • What type of business / project are you planning?

  • Do you have any existing plans, site plans or drawings available?

  • Do you have an estimated project budget?

  • What is your desired schedule (completion of construction date)?

  • Do you already have a contractor that you would like to use?


In some cases after initial consultation further information gathering is required.  Depending on the extent of work involved we may request fee prior to proceeding.


After an agreement has been made to begin the project, WXW will provide a fee proposal based on the pre-determined scope of work to the client.  After the contract is signed WXW will begin work.


2) Concept and Design Development


WXW will conduct on-site investigations, measurements, and information gathering to create a base plan and draft of the concept in the form of a presentation to the client.  Through correspondence and client feedback a design direction will be determined.


WXW will then begin refining the concept design by creating more detailed drawings, renderings, and diagrams for the clients review.  WXW will coordinate with the necessary engineering consultants to develop the designs structural, electrical, mechanical, or other systems as required.

3) Permitting & Construction (if project is located in Hawaii)


Upon final approval of the design WXW will submit a set of drawings to the required agencies for building permit approval.  


WXW will also submit a set of drawings to various contractors to provide bids for construction.  If the client has a contractor in mind, WXW can include that contractor in the bid.  WXW will assist the client in reviewing contractor bids and selecting a contractor.


During construction WXW will monitor construction and ensure construction is being performed according to the approved plans.  WXW will also work to solve problems that arise during construction due to unforeseen conditions.  


WXW will conduct final walk-thru and inspection and have corrected any errors observed prior to handover to the client.


If contracted, WXW will purchase and oversee installation of furniture, fixtures and equipments for final use by the client.

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