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The travel lounge occupies a 4,690 sq. ft. space on a single floor of a tourist resort. Our scope of work included architecture, interior design, environmental and wayfinding graphic design. Our client required that the space be designed with three briefing lounges, reception counter, gift station, information area, individual consulting area, private office space, and kids room. To accommodate the client needs and align the finished space with the clients corporate image our design intention was to create a clean and modern space incorporating strong linear pattern, color contrast, and sophisticated material qualities.


To accentuate the long rectangular floor plan we developed several linear elements that run the length of the space. A striped vinyl floor tile pattern consisting of 5 different colors extends down the length of the customer space transitioning up and down the partition walls in a single visually striking unified pattern. To visually separate the lounge from the employee area a high gloss red laminate was utilized over a long soffit running parallel to the floor tile pattern. Together the surface quality and color of the laminate with sensitive use of cove and wall wash lighting conveys a sense of glamour that projects out from the reception area. To punctuate the use of color blocking throughout the space we also developed over-scale environmental and wayfinding graphics that provide visitors with iconic images of Hawaii. 


Sheraton Resort Waikiki Manor Wing

2255 Kalakaua Avenue, Honolulu, Hawaii 96815

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