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2019 Home Builders Digest - Best Residential Architecture

2019 AIA - Editors Choice Award

Located along the Kahala Beach, the N Residence is a luxury residential project on a linear lot. This was a completely new work requiring integrated design approach - especially between architect and structural engineer. Our scope of work includes material and furniture selection, lighting design, and plumbing accessories selection. On the 19,602 SF property lies a 2-story structure that extends parallel to shape of the lot. There are one master bedroom and three guest bedrooms, each equipped with its own bathroom for comfort and privacy.

The main approach of this design is how to effectively utilize the narrow window of oceanfront view. The living room / pool area on the first floor and master bedroom on the second floor were prioritized as the main spaces which should face the ocean. To break the limited visual boundary of the ocean, a large pool of saltwater was added and extended towards the horizon. This gesture is almost as if to invite the nature closer to the building, regardless of the strict shoreline setbacks. The full-height windows and doors also allow users to play with the spatial relationship between inside and outside. On contrary to the pool deck and cabana, there is also an inner courtyard for a moment of contemplation. These individual spaces are woven together through contemporary space and consistent furniture style.

_DSC4462 copy.jpg
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